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Best In Class.

Helo allows you to monitor your vital signs 24/7 - Fully equipped with the most advanced and accurate sensors on the market.


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Watch the video and prepare to be BLOWN AWAY!

Helo Review And Product Comparison:

Helo lx All In Bracelet
Helo LX Fitness Health

New Design. New Shapes. New Horizons.

HELO LX is the brand new Wellness Band of WOR(l)D, designed to fit your style. And your wellness. The Wellness Band reinvented. With a completely new design, HELO LX not only brings new materials and new finishing but also introduces the new sensor sampling frequency at 125Hz instead of 35Hz like the previous model. This means more accuracy in measurements. 125 Hz for sensor sampling frequency Better precision to measure your Heart Rate,  Breath Rate, Mood and Fatigue, Heart Check* and Overall Quality. Plus when a new feature is available the firmware in the Helo will be updated, so there's no need to buy another one unless you want the next generation Helo model. 

helo comparison chart

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