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I guarantee you've never seen another business opportunity quite like this. We are a community of over 800,000 customers around the world referring other customers and growing every day. 

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A Plan That Was Born...

When developing the HELO bracelet and allowing people to test and try the product, we received an enormous amount of excitement surrounding the product Because of this, it became natural for people who were using and enjoying the HELO bracelet to share and talk about the technology with friends and family. Not to mention, they wanted to get their loved ones a HELO to take advantage of all the health benefits as well as added piece of mind with the "monitoring" feature We realized this was a product that was naturally shared and talked about amongst it's users. With that being said, we concluded that the best way to promote and advertise this product would be to compensate people just like you, for simply sharing a technology that you love and enjoy everyday.

This is how the HELO compensation plan was created, and to date, there are thousands of people around the world benefiting from it.
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